How to 'do' online church....Some ideas

How to use our streams with your content

Rod CC ScreenshotHere are some ideas:

Set up a conference call group (e.g. with Zoom) for a virtual 'tea and coffee' session before and after the service.

You could film an alternate ending to our services (for example your sermon and/or conclusion). You could do this also via Zoom, or create your own Youtube channel (free and easy to do) upload your videos to this (you can also do this from your phone). 

Permanent links to the upcoming/latest service:

9.30am Virtual Family Church stream:

10.30am Jesmond Parish stream:

6.30pm Jesmond Parish stream:

recommended kit/apps

Rode Mic

For those who want to create their own live stream/ prerecorded content a few things we recommend:

  1. Use Filmorago (a free app) to edit content filmed on your phone or on a computer use Imovie (Mac) or Openshot (free, PC or Mac). You can upload directly to Youtube from the app
  2. With your phone use a Rode smartlav+ mic (£40), trrs extension cable (so you can stand further away from your phone) and a mini tripod (£10). If you can get someone else to help, avoid the forwards facing camera.
  3. To live stream use OBS studio on a pc/mac (free app) to record or live stream to your Youtube channel (ideally you need i7 processor and 16 gb RAM computer)
  4. Buy a decent webcam e.g. Razer Kiyo (£75) and if you give talks from a prepared script, don't read from your computer screen but look at either your webcam or down to a printed script which you hold visible in shot (positioned inside your Bible is good).

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